Collection Inspiration – Women Training in Stadium

Sometimes a picture (or a video clip) is worth a thousand words.

Here’s a short video we created from one of our Collections. And it’s a great example of what you’ll be able to do with our Annual Subscription. Let yourself imagine what might happen if…


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The Floodgate Footage Team

Three Ways To Bring Excellence Into Your Filmmaking

Perfection is a myth. You already know that, and you may struggle with reading those words (because you’re a perfectionist), but it’s worth saying. No video project will end up perfect.


And that’s because no filmmaker is perfect. And that’s okay, and there’s nothing wrong with that. So if perfection is some unattainable myth – something akin to a dog chasing its tail, or a person chasing the wind – then what exactly are we shooting for?


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How to Avoid Being “Tone-Deaf” in Your Filmmaking

We’ve all seen that poor American Idol singer who has the look, the attitude, but when they open their mouth to sing…disaster. These unfortunate souls are tone-deaf, and it’s something that we as filmmakers need to be aware of. But “tone” in film is perhaps a little more difficult to understand than in music.

So what is tone when it comes to film? You might call it mood or vibe or feel, but it’s that overarching quality from the sum of all the parts. I would suggest that tone is different than style. Style is really all about the creative choices that are used in a work. Tone is the feel that comes from the combination of style and story.

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