How does Floodgate Footage work?

Floodgate Footage is designed to offer you the greatest flexibility and usability possible. Simply purchase the clip(s) you need, download, and place into virtually any project. No complicated licensing hoops to jump through!

If you purchase a subscription, you have access to our entire library, which is always growing. And every clip is available in ProRes, with both a Colored and ready-to- use version, as well as a Log (flat) version which allows you more flexibility to adjust to your taste and project style.

What film formats are provided with every download?

Every clip is available in ProRes with both a Colored and ready-to-use version. Additionally, a Log (flat) version is included in every download, allowing you more flexibility to adjust to your taste and project style.

The majority of our clips are available in 4K and 1080 HD.

What types of projects can I use this footage for?

Virtually any project!

We do not have any restrictions on licensing. You can use our clips in projects of any budget and scope. It’s royalty free, with no limit on audience size or venue.

Our only restrictions are on certain types of content that place our material, models, or properties in a bad light. See our full licensing terms here.

Are there any restrictions on the scope of the license I receive from Floodgate Footage?

Our license is one of the broadest and simplest in the industry. We’re breaking the traditional licensing rules of our industry, so our license covers virtually everything. We do not make you jump through any hoops to determine how large your audience or budget is. The only restrictions are for certain types of content. See our full licensing terms here.

How many people from my team/organization can use Floodgate Footage film clips?

There are no limitations placed on the size of your team or organization. As long as you share an account with people only in your organization or entity, you’re all covered under the same subscription. In an age where business drives art, we’re doing our best to flip that around.

What payment options do you offer?

We offer three ways to pay:

This is the best value we offer. Pay once and have unlimited access to our entire, ever-expanding library for one full year. You’ll receive several notices and reminders to re-subscribe prior to expiration.

Pay per month for unlimited access to our entire, ever-expanding library. You’ll make a one-year commitment, auto-billed monthly for 12 months. You’ll receive a notice to re-subscribe prior to expiration.

You simply pay per clip. No commitments. Just pay for the clips you use at a lower price point than most other stock sites, and with the same broad scope of licensing.

What is a "log" film clip?

“Log” is short for “logarithmic.” It is a way of capturing and encoding footage that gives extra attention to light and dark areas of the image. This helps to make tonal transitions smoother, and broadens the range of color dynamic. It’s similar to RAW footage in that it allows more flexibility to color correct and grade in post-production, but is generally much smaller in file size and works with more editing systems.

Log footage has a “flat” look to it, allowing you to shape the color and tone. This will allow you to match the look of other footage you may have in your project more easily. If you prefer to do less post work, simply choose our “Colored” footage option, and a completely color graded clip is available for you to download and use.

What are Project Bins, and how are they used?

Project Bins are a way to organize footage you’d like to use. They can be helpful for gathering footage for a specific project. Our Project Bins can be public so that you can share them with other members of your team for collaboration and/or approval. But bins can also be kept private so you can have a place to remember your favorite picks without the rest of your team giving creative input.

You can always go back and access your bins for convenient downloading whenever you need that footage.

What are Collections, and how might they be used?

Collections are a family of clips from the same shoot. Think of them as a scene with several different shots. They contain different clips of the same subject, model and/or environment. Each clip we offer is a part of a collection. In the real world of visual storytelling, you’re trying to create impactful narratives that flow seamlessly, rather than be forced to used random unrelated clips that negate the story you’re trying to tell.

Can I resell your footage as-is on other stock film sites?

No. You may use the stock-footage in original content that you create and re-sell, such as original video works, templates, etc. You MAY NOT re-sell the footage as is, or by itself apart from inclusion in your own creative work.

Can I contribute my own clips to Floodgate Footage?

At this time, we are only sourcing content from our in-house creative team. However, we are working towards partnering with additional content creators. We’ll keep you posted regarding this important potential addition.

What’s your plan to expand the Categories and amount of clips available?

We launched with just over 1000 clips. We recognize that this needs to increase fast, and we’re committed to making that happen. We’ve launched at a low price point in hopes that you’ll take this journey with us. Our specific commitment is to double the amount of clips available in 2019. Most of our clips come from real films we’re shooting, and that commitment is only increasing. We’re also open to hearing your suggestions for specific shots, so please contact us and let us know.